Welcome Villains…

to your unhappily ever after. 

Villainous is a fairy tale setting inspired by Once Upon a Time, your favorite Disney movies, and Forgotten Tier's Home for Retired Raid Bosses. Our story follows a group of vanquished villains who find themselves in an alliance of convenience as they attempt to escape a prison known only as The Realm of the Goblin King. Why do all of the Enchanted Forrest's villains end up here? Who is The Goblin King? How will they escape? 

Tune in on Wednesday, May 31st, for the premier. Only on Cypher System.



Once Upon a Time…

The Enchanted Forest was at peace.

King Leopold inherited a kingdom at war and through love a devotion built a harmonious nation. Evil would rise up and would be easily dispatched. No Villain stood a change while he ruled. One by one they fell. 



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